Emily Blaine

Creative Director // ACD // Writer

Emily Blaine here. I’m basically a creative peacock. A design-oriented, strategy-loving writer who loves to shock and wow her audience. Throughout my career I’ve worked on pretty much every type of product both as a copywriter and as an art director and won a bunch of awards in the process. Whether I’m leading a team or toiling away on my personal projects, for me everything starts with a big idea and grows from there. I create things that are unexpected but also meaningful and authentic to the people I’m doing the making for. All backed by the experience and skills it takes to bring the ideas to life in an integrated way. In my spare time I write, design textiles and maps, drink vino, shoot pool, and make new things. Let’s make something together!

Want to know more? Shoot me an email and let’s grab a beer or coffee and shoot some pool. Oh, and if you want to see my ad stats, here’s my resume.

email: em.stranded@gmail.com
availability: workingnotworking.com/emstranded

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